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6 Purrfect Reasons to Play With Your Cat

October 1, 2020

Cats are wonderful little pets. They’re not only cuddly, charismatic, and adorable they’re also highly entertaining. Fluffy is never cuter than when she’s feeling frisky! Actually, one of the best things you can do for your pet is to play with her regularly. A Columbia, TN vet lists some reasons why in this article. 


Cats divide their days up into four main categories; eating, sleeping, meditating, and judging you. Needless to say, these things don’t burn many calories. Playing is a great workout for Fluffy! This will help keep your cute pet’s bones and muscles strong. Plus, a good kitty workout schedule will help prevent obesity.

Mental Stimulation

Kitties have to really concentrate to pull off those tricky crouch/sprint/jump/roll/meow combinations. Focusing on prey is actually great for your feline pal’s mind. In fact, regular play sessions may help combat the cognitive decline many cats experience as they age. 

Kitty Therapy

Playing is a great way for Fluffy to blow off steam, just as a vigorous workout is for people. This gives your pet a chance to take out any frustration she feels in a healthy way. 


Our feline friends may think they’re invincible, but at the end of the day, they know that they rely on us for food, water, litter, catnip, lap space, toys, ear scritches, and, of course, entertainment. When you take time to play with Fluffy, she’ll know you’re doing something just for her. This will make her feel loved and safe, which can really get that little motor going. If you have two furballs, playing with them together can also help them bond to one another. 


One probably wouldn’t think that confidence issues are a big problem for cats. Some kitties are clearly quite full of themselves. However, others are very shy. Letting your furball ‘catch’ her prey can be a great way to boost her self-esteem. Think of this as Fluffy’s version of scoring a goal. 

It’s Cute

Kitties may look rather silly when they’re stalking that elusive red dot or pouncing on a catnip mouse. However, Fluffy takes her hunting practice very seriously … which really only makes it more amusing. It’s almost impossible not to smile when watching your feline buddy indulging her inner lioness!

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