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Tips for Boarding Fido
October 15, 2020

Are you going to be boarding your dog soon? As much as Fido would love to go everywhere with you, there are times when that just isn’t feasible. Sooner or later, you may find yourself booking your pooch a stay at a pet hotel. A local Spring Hill, TN vet offers some advice on boarding your canine companion in this article. 

Pack Carefully

Kennels all vary a bit on their procedures and policies. Some places allow you to bring bedding and toys, while others prefer to use their own things. Find out what you can and cannot bring for your furry buddy. When packing food, treats, and medicine, include a few days’ extra, just in case you’re delayed. 

Give Instructions Clearly

Fido’s caretakers definitely need to know about any quirks or medical issue he has. Make sure to give any special care instructions clearly. Ideally, these should be given both orally and in writing. Keep these clear and concise. If possible, print the information out instead of hand writing it. 

Time It Right

Make sure that you’re clear on when you can and cannot drop your canine pal up or pick him up. You don’t want to find out at the last minute that you can’t bring Fido in on your way to the airport! 

Choose A Great Kennel

Don’t just use the first kennel you find. Do a bit of research first. Look for reviews, and ask your vet for recommendations. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to care for your furry best friend! 

Offer A Trial Run 

Before taking off for a week or so, bring your dog in for a shorter stay. This will allow you to get an idea of how things will work. It will also be easier on Fido if he’s already familiar with his doggy hotel. 

Avoid Long Goodbyes

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your beloved pet. Fido might get distressed when he figures out that you’re leaving him behind, and he could get a bit dramatic. This is not the time to shower your four-legged friend with attention. Long goodbyes will just make things harder for both of you! Keep drop-offs short and sweet. You’ll have lots of time to cuddle with your pet when you get home! 

Please contact us, your Spring Hill, TN vet clinic, for all your pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help! 

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