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6 Reasons To Take Fido To A Professional Groomer

November 1, 2020

Does your dog run and hide when he hears the word Bath? Fido may enjoy feeling clean, but he’s definitely not fond of the bathing process. To be fair, doggy bath time really isn’t fun for people, either. Why not take your canine friend to a groomer? Here, a veterinarian Spring Hill, TN lists a few reasons to consider taking your pup to the salon.

No Mess

We probably don’t have to tell you that bathing your furry pal can get a bit sloppy. When you take Fido to the salon, you get to skip the hassles of cleaning dog fur out of your tub or having to mop up the bathroom floor. That’s a huge plus!

Easier To Manage

It isn’t always easy getting dogs into the tub, especially if they’re reluctant about it, as many are. This goes double for large breeds and senior dogs. Groomers have stalls that are easy for Fido to walk in and out of.

Medical Grooming

Our canine buddies all have their own unique beauty needs. While not all pups require procedures like ear hair trims and anal gland expression, some do need these services. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Really, the convenience of bringing your furry buddy to a groomer can’t be beat. You get to drop Fido off, and then pick up a clean, fresh-smelling pooch a short time later. If you have more than one dog, going to a groomer may save you even more time and hassle!

No Walking A Wet Dog

It’s often much easier to bathe your canine companion in summer. This is especially true if you have a yard, as you can put Fido in the kiddie pool or even just hose him down. In summer, your can let your pooch dry off outside. Winter baths are a bit trickier. For one thing, your pup will probably spray water everywhere. Plus, you don’t want to bring a wet dog outdoors when it’s chilly out! Groomers have special blow dryers that help dry pets quickly and safely.


Is Fido more comfortable with a cute ‘do in summer? Does he need regular trims to keep his coat under control? If so, you’ll definitely want professional help!

Do you want to book a grooming or veterinary appointment for your dog? Call us, your veterinary clinic Spring Hill, TN , today!

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