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7 Adorable Holiday Kitty Traditions

November 15, 2020

The holidays have arrived! Although some things will be scaled down or even cancelled this year, there will still be plenty of seasonal events and gatherings to enjoy. Of course, our feline pals have a few traditions of their own! A pet clinic Spring Hill, TN lists some of them below.

Climb The Tree

Fluffy’s mischievous streak will certainly come into play when she spots that tree. You can’t really blame her: after all, to kitties, Christmas trees look like scratching posts hung with cat toys. Put most of the decorations–including anything shiny or breakable–on the upper branches. You may also want to distract your playful pet by giving her some of her gifts early.


Lend A Helping Paw

Kitties like to supervise their humans very carefully. Fluffy may keep a close eye on you as you cook, clean, decorate, and wrap gifts. She may even try to help you out a bit. For instance, your cat may walk across your keyboard as you’re ordering gifts online, bat at the present you’re trying to wrap, or ‘assist’ you with hanging decorations.


Once Fluffy gets tired of trying to scale the tree, she’ll probably curl up beneath it for a nap. A purring cat is the final touch for any cozy holiday scene!

Hop Into Boxes

One of Fluffy’s most adorable quirks is her obsession with boxes. Give your furry pal some of the empty ones after everyone has finished opening their gifts. Your kitty may also appreciate some gift bags. This can make for some super cute holiday photos!

Strike A Pose

We never get tired of seeing adorable photos of our feline patients! Get some cute pics of Fluffy relaxing under the tree or playing with her new things.

Enjoy Some Presents

Don’t forget to put a few things in Fluffy’s stocking! Toys are great kitty gift options. You can go for something simple and classic, like the catnip mouse. Or, try something more modern, like a robotic fish or an automated laser pointer. Treats and cat furniture are also good choices.


Even the friskiest furball can’t spend all day making mischief. Let Fluffy snooze on your lap sometimes. Kitty cuddles and a good movie make for a great holiday evening!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Animal Care Center Of Carter’s Creek, your animal hospital Spring Hill, TN. Please contact us anytime!

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