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Great Gifts For Senior Dogs

December 15, 2020

Is your canine buddy in his senior years? Dogs somehow manage to become even cuter as they grow older. Of course, you’ll need to keep your pup’s age in mind as you pick out gifts for him. Read on as a local vet clinic Spring Hill, TN lists some wonderful gifts you can get an older pooch.

Comfy Beds

Making sure your old friend has a comfy bed is very important. A good doggy bed will cushion Fido’s bones and joints, helping him sleep properly. It will also insulate him from chilly floors. If your furry buddy already has one, consider getting a new cover or topper for it.


Did you know that a good massage can be just as soothing for dogs as it is for people? Massage isn’t just about relaxing: it also loosens stiff muscles, which will in turn help with flexibility and circulation. Book your pup a session with a good pet masseuse.


As Fido ages, his nutritional needs will change a bit. He may benefit from taking certain vitamins or supplements, especially if he has arthritis or another medical issue. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Grooming Supplies

Your furry pal will probably never become fond of baths, but he will definitely be much more comfortable with soft, clean fur; clipped nails, and clean teeth. Get your pooch a doggy bath kit!

Raised Dishes

Older dogs often find it easier to eat from elevated dishes, as they can strain their necks and backs eating off the floor. Give Fido’s dinnerware a upgrade.

Senior Toys

Look for toys made just for senior dogs? Some of these are very soft, which makes them easier on your furry friend’s mouth. Others may light up or make noise, so they’ll be easier to track.

Pet Ramps

Many of our elderly patients have a hard time with stairs. Pet ramps can help Fido get around more easily.

New Clothes

Does your canine companion have thin fur? Get him a comfy jacket to wear when it’s chilly out! Just make sure it fits well, and is not too tight, hot, itchy, or constricting.


Fido will never outgrow his love of treats! Look for ones that were made specifically for older dogs.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Animal Care Center of Carter’s Creek, your pet hospital Spring Hill, TN. Call us anytime!

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