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Adorable Resolutions for Kitties

January 1, 2021

Happy New Yea r! As we toss out (or burn) our 2020 calendars, many people are setting personal goals for the coming year. Whether you have a list of resolutions, or just a few general goals, your feline buddy will be watching you as you strive for your goals. Of course, Fluffy may have a few things on her own to-do list. A local Spring Hill, TN vet lists some of the cuter ones below. 

Work On The Pounce

Cats may look a bit silly when they are ‘stalking’ the moth in the kitchen or playing with a catnip mouse. However, Fluffy actually takes her hunting practice very seriously. She may want to ‘purrfect’ that adorable wiggle/run/pounce/meow combination!

Be More Helpful 

Your kitty may be spoiled and even a bit bossy, but she really does appreciate the love and care you give her. She may try to help you out by doing things like assisting when you change sheets, keeping your laundry warm, or making sure you wake up in time.

Get Lots Of Rest

As mentioned above, cats are very, very sleepy. Fluffy may try to improve her napping time this year. Or, she may try sleeping in new places or positions.

Improve Fitness

Is Fluffy, well, not just fluffy? Your furball may want to step up her kitty exercise regimen. She may play more, try to work on those unexpected race-down-the-hall sprints, or try to pounce a bit higher.

Speak Up

Does your kitty meow a lot? Or is she usually more of a quiet furball? Fluffy may decide to chat a bit more this year.

Kitty Zen

Kitties have it pretty easy. Fluffy spends most of her time eating, grooming herself, and, of course, pondering things. Your pet may try to spend more time meditating in 2021. 

Collect Snuggles 

One of the best things about cats is the fact that they are so lovable. Fluffy may want to spend more time on your lap, or rub against your legs more often. Pay lots of attention to her! 

Watch The Human

Cats get very attached to their humans, and often like to stay close by them. Fluffy may want to supervise you even more closely this year. 

Please reach out to us for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. As your Spring Hill, TN animal hospital, we are here to help!

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