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Keeping Your Dog Active
March 1, 2021

April is Cani ne Fitness Month. Like people, dogs are all over the case in terms of athleticism. Whether you have a furry, four-legged couch potato, or a bouncing ball of zoom, it’s important for you to keep your pet in good shape. Read on as a local Spring Hill, TN vet offers some advice on keeping Fido fit and active.

Change Things Up

It’s great to play with your dog every day. However, you don’t need to do the exact same thing, day after day. Toss a stick for Fido one day, and play Tag with him the next. As the saying says, variety is the spice of life! 

Try Swimming

There definitely are some furry, four-legged ducks out there. Swimming can be a great option for Fido. Just put your faithful pet’s safety first. Never leave Fido unattended by water, and avoid taking him to places with steep drop-offs, strong currents, or heavy wakes. 

Take It Indoors

Going to the park is wonderful for a summer day. But what about when it’s raining or chilly? Keep your pooch active indoors! You can play Fetch inside. Just don’t choose a spot with a lot of breakable objects. You can also get your furry buddy moving with stair runs.

Pick Suitable Activities

Our canine companions are all different, and their workouts should be, too. For instance, running and swimming are great for Labs, but are not suitable activities for pugs. Fido’s age, weight, and breed will all play a role in determining what the best workout for him is. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Make It Fun

Fido’s fi tness regimen shouldn’t be something you dread: it should be fun for both of you! Make the best of it, and enjoy exploring new places with your furry best friend. Dogs are great adventure buddies! 

Don’t Ove  rdo It

Fido is very determined to be a Good Boy, and he will sometimes push himself a bit too hard trying to please his humans. Don’t let your furry pal exhaust himself! Keep an eye out for signs of fatigue, such as panting, slowing, or lagging back. As soon as you notice your pooch getting tired, give him some water and call it a day.

D o you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? We are happy to help! Call us, your local Spring Hill, TN veterinary clinic, today!

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