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Tips for Taking Fido to the Groomer

May 1, 2021

D oes your canine buddy have a habit of rolling around in mud puddles? Do you have a hard time getting Fido into the tub, perhaps due to his size or mobility issues? While many people bathe their pups at home, doggy beauty salons are also gaining a lot of fans. Read on as a local Spring Hill, TN vet offers some tips for taking Fido to the groomer.

C  hoose A Great Salon

First and foremost, take your time when choosing your furry pal’s hairdresser. Ask for recommendations, and read reviews. (Normally, we also advise people to stop in and check out the salon in person, though this may not be possible with Covid still an issue.)

Work Fido Out First

Before bringing Fido to his groomer, take him for a long walk. Ideally, you want to burn off any excess energy he has. Dogs are always calmer when they’re a little tired!

Be Clear About Your Choices

With summer approaching, many of our canine patients will be sporting cute new haircuts. If you plan to get Fido a new ‘do, be very clear when telling the groomer what you are looking for. If possible, bring photos. While some cuts have specific names, it’s easy for people to get their signals crossed on these.

Consider Grooming At Your Vet

We know, we may be tooting our own horn a bit, but there really are some great benefits to grooming Fido at his vet’s. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about providing updated proof of things like rabies and Bordetella vaccinations. If your canine pal needs any medical grooming, your pet’s stylist can get specific instructions straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Another perk? One-stop shopping! Finally, if the groomer were to notice something, such as a lump or lesion, it can be documented–and perhaps even checked out–right away.

Don’t Draw Out The Dropoff

When dropping your pooch off, don’t coddle him with drawn out goodbyes. Just make it short and sweet. This will be easier on you both!

Enjoy Snuggles

It’s always nice to enjoy getting snuggles from a clean, fresh-smelling dog. Spend some extra time with Fido when you get home. Just don’t let him mar his new look by rolling in mud puddles!

Do you need to schedule grooming? Contact us, your Spring Hill, TN pet hospital, anytime!

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