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National Kitten Day

July 1, 2021

There’s a pretty adorable holiday around the corner: National Kitten Day is July 10th! While all baby animals are cute, our feline buddies are almost impossibly charming when they are young. However, being a kitten parent isn’t all purrs and cuddles. Little Fluffy has a lot to learn about being a cat. You’ll have your hands—and your heart—quite full over the next few months. A Spring Hill, TN vet offers some tips on raising your little furball below.


You’ll need to make your home safe for your tiny ball of fur. Cats are wired like pint-sized lions, and they’re instinctively driven to practice their pounces, bites, and scratches on, well, everything. Keep anything that could be dangerous to little Fluffy well out of paws’ reach. This includes things like toxic plants; small and sharp objects; plastic bags and wrappers; wires; cords; and anything ‘ropy’; chemicals; medication; and small or sharp objects.

Veterinary Care

Your tiny pet may think of herself as a huge lion, but at the end of the day she’s actually quite small and fragile. You’ll need to bring your little buddy in to see her doctor a few times during that first year, for microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, exams, and vaccinations. Keep in mind that baby animals are quite fragile, and can sometimes get very sick, very fast. Watch for warning signs, such as fever, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. Contact your vet immediately if anything seems out of the ordinary. 


You may have heard the term ‘raised underfoot’ before. This is one way of saying that kittens have been handled, held, and petted since they were very young. This socialization is very important for little Fluffy’s mental and emotional behavior! Pay lots of attention to your tiny furball, and keep that motor going.


Our feline pals are very skilled at figuring out ways to get us to pamper them. However, don’t let your furball get too bossy. If little Fluffy misbehaves and/or tries to bite or scratch you, reprimand her verbally. You can also clap your hands or blow in her face. She’ll get the hint!

Photo Time

Fluffy’s adorable toddler phase won’t last long. Don’t forget to capture this super cute stage of your pet’s life!

Please contact us, your Spring Hill, TN veterinary clinic, for all your kitten’s veterinary care needs. We’re here for you. 

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