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Doghouse Maintenance

July 15, 2021

July is Doghouse Repair Month! If your furry buddy has his own doghouse, then you get a paws-up from us! Fido loves having a spot of his own to hang out in. A Spring Hill, TN vet offers some tips on doghouse maintenance below.

 Safety Inspection

This is a big one! Make sure there are no screws, nails, or sharp pieces of wood sticking out of Fido’s doghouse, as these could injure your four-legged friend.


Give your canine pal’s home a good cleaning. Use a hypoallergenic soap, and be sure to rinse it thoroughly. You’ll want to do this on a warm day, so it dries quickly.

Pest Control

Doghouses can attract unwanted guests, such as insects, mice, and even the occasional snake. Use non-toxic methods to evict any unauthorized tenants.

Roof Check

Fido should live inside, with his humans, so he should never be stuck outside when it’s raining. That said, you don’t want the inside of your furry bff’s doghouse getting damp, as that can cause mold and rot. Check the condition of the roof. Repair any spots that are leaking water. (You can check this by having someone point a hose at the roof while you look inside.)


Don’t forget the area around your canine friend’s house. Trim back any weeds, and keep the grass mowed. Fleas and ticks like long grasses, so this can help keep them away. If the grass has urine burns, consider using a different ground cover, such as pea gravel or artificial turf.


Want to really get that tail going? Give Fido his own little deck to look cute on. Your canine buddy may also appreciate a kiddie pool or sandbox. You can plant some non-toxic plants around your furry pal’s house as well. The ASPCA has a great list online here .


Make sure your four-legged friend’s house is nice and level. It actually should be raised off the ground a little, so snow and rain goes beneath or around it. Just don’t leave an empty gap under it … that may look quite tempting for snakes and other critters.


It’s not actually a great idea to put bedding in Fido’s doghouse, as it could attract vermin. Use a thick mat instead.

As your local Spring Hill, TN veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe. Contact us anytime!

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