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Tips for Taking Fluffy to the Vet

August 15, 2021

August 10th is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! Fluffy may not be thrilled about her appointments, but proper veterinary care is crucial to her health. A local Spring Hill, TN vet offers a few pointers on your feline pal’s doctors’ visits below.

Keep Up With Appointments

Many of our furry little patients don’t see us anywhere near as often as they should. Your pet will need to come in a few times when she is a kitten, for microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, and her initial exams and vaccines. You’ll also want to get your kitty started out on her parasite control. Adult cats generally need to come in about once a year, though some may need more frequent appointments. Once your feline buddy reaches her golden years, she’ll need to come in a bit more often. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.

Watch For Signs Of Sickness

Cats can be quite mysterious. They’re also often quite secretive about letting on when they don’t feel well. Keep a close eye out for indications that Fluffy may be sick. These may include vomiting, poor grooming, hiding, lethargy, litterbox woes, lack of appetite, and changes in behavior. If you notice anything off, and/or if your kitty just doesn’t seem like herself, make an appointment right away.

Make The Trip Easy

Dogs may love going on car rides, but cats tend to be homebodies that prefer staying in their own domains. Fluffy may get very frightened on the drive in! Keep a window cracked for airflow, and play a radio softly. If your furry buddy is extremely scared, ask your vet about using pet-calming products, such as treats and sprays. These can help soothe nervous kitties. 

Use The Time

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about Fluffy’s health or care. This is a great chance to get tips on things like food, toys, and furniture, or just get some pointers on keeping your kitty purring. We’re always happy to help!

Offer Some Perks

Fluffy may be a bit out of sorts after having her daily napping schedule disrupted and being taken on— the horrors! —a car ride. A special treat, a little catnip, or a new toy will make it all better.

Does Fluffy need an exam, microchipping, vaccines, or other veterinary care? We can help! Contact us, your local Spring Hill, TN animal clinic, today!

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