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Tips For Having Pets And Guests

December 15, 2021
Are you having company over the holidays? It’s always great to have time to catch up with friends and family. Of course, your pet may not be as excited as you are. We can help! Here, a Spring Hill, TN vet offers some tips on helping things go smoothly between your visitors and your furry resident.


You want your furry friends to make a good impression. Fido should be brushed and/or bathed. As for Fluffy, be sure to clean her litterbox. It’s also a good idea to vacuum and dust thoroughly, and clean your pet’s toys and bedding. (Tip: use a damp sponge or rubber dish gloves to get fur off your chairs and sofa.) We recommend changing your air filter as well.


Are some of your guests bringing their little ones? You may want to take a few extra precautions. Young children often have high-pitched voices, and can move quickly. This can make Fido and Fluffy very nervous, which can cause them to lash out defensively. Cats should always have safe spots to retreat to, whether it’s a cat tower or a spot behind the bed. With dogs, you’ll want to keep a close eye on things. Some pups are extremely tolerant, and won’t bat an eye if a kid sits on them or trips over them. Others will quickly get defensive. Dogs that are feeling uneasy may lick their lips, retreat, or tuck or slowly wag their tails. Put your pooch in a separate area if he seems uneasy.

Guest Room

If your visitors are staying overnight, you’ll probably want to ask them to keep that spare room door closed. Fluffy isn’t exactly shy about napping on people’s suitcases, while Fido may decide to chew on their shoes.


Does your canine pal have a begging habit? Keep Fido in another room for meals. It’s also a good idea to ask guests not to feed your pet without asking. Not everyone knows what is and isn’t safe for our furry friends!

Purrs And Tail Wags

Fluffy and Fido can get quite stressed out by major changes. Pay some extra attention to your four-legged buddy! Tiring them out with a fun play session can take the edge off any nervousness they feel. Happy Holidays from Animal Care Center Of Carters Creek! Contact us, your Spring Hill, TN animal clinic, anytime!
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