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Things To Teach Your Dog This Year

January 3, 2022
January is Train Your Dog Month! Fido’s petucation is extremely important. This isn’t just a matter of politeness. Proper training is crucial to both your canine companion’s safety and the safety of other dogs and people. If your pooch hasn’t finished school yet, read on! Here, a Spring Hill, TN vet lists some things to teach Fido this year.


This is usually the first thing people teach their pups, and with good reason: it’s really the easiest command for Fido to pick up. Start by holding a treat over your furry friend’s head. Move it back, towards his tail. He’ll probably sit just to keep his eyes on the prize, so to speak. Say Sit, and give him a treat. Just keep repeating this.


Stay is one of the top commands, and for good reason. Many dogs love to run off after squirrels, adventure, or just for exploration. Being able to curb Fido’s sense of adventure is very important! If your pet lunges and pulls the leash out of your hand, you want to be sure you can keep him from racing off into the woods, or worse, into traffic.


Come is also very important, as it can help you keep Fido away from dangerous areas, or, in some cases, approaching strangers or other pups.


Does Fido haul you along on walks? This can be quite dangerous, especially if he tries to approach another pooch.

Lay Down

Fido should also know the command to Lay Down. This is helpful for times when you don’t want your furry buddy underfoot or begging at the dinner table.

Leave It

Leave It is also important for safety reasons. Dogs are very curious, and they also have a habit of wanting to investigate things by, well, eating them. If Fido comes across a chicken wing—or any other type of food—at a park, you want to make sure he doesn’t eat it.


Don’t try to teach Fido all these commands at once. Work on one at a time, and don’t move on until he’s mastered his current lesson. It’s also important to keep things positive. Offer your canine pal treats and praise when he picks something up. Ask your vet for more training tips. As your Spring Hill, TN pet clinic, we want to wish you a wonderful new year. Contact us anytime!
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