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5 Key Reasons To Board Your Dog

November 15, 2022
Do you usually travel for the holidays? If you’re just going over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house, you may opt to bring your canine buddy along. However, if you’re going on a longer journey, you may want to consider bringing Fido to a doggy hotel. A local Spring Hill, TN vet lists some reasons to consider boarding your furry pal in this article.


Safety should always be the first—and most important—consideration. If you board Fido, you’ll know he’s in a secure environment, where he will be monitored closely and cared for daily. Depending on where you’re going, this may also protect him from regional dangers, such as diseases he isn’t vaccinated against or wild animals he doesn’t know to avoid. You also won’t have to worry about the chance of him slipping away and getting lost in a strange area.

Medical Attention

If your furry best friend is ill, elderly, and/or suffering from a chronic medical issue, then boarding is most likely your best bet. The ideal setup here would be boarding with your vet, as they will already be familiar with Fido and his medical history.


Although many dogs love car rides, Fido won’t be as comfy on a long trip as he would be just being out and about town for a bit. Long trips can be hard on our canine companions! Pups that get carsick may be extra uncomfortable.

Avoid Awkward Mishaps

Many people choose to hire petsitters, or have friends and family care for their pooches. These are viable solutions, but they do have some significant downsides. Hiring a petsitter entails letting a stranger into your home. While reputable companies do vet their sitters closely, there are no ways to absolutely guarantee that someone unscrupulous won’t slip past their screening. With friends and family, you run the risk of those relationships becoming very strained—or even destroyed—if something were to go wrong.

Peace Of Mind

Last but certainly not least, when you take Fido to a kennel, you won’t have to worry about him. You’ll be able to simply relax and enjoy your trip. Your canine companion will be in good hands, and will be waiting for you with those adorable happy dances dogs do when greeting their humans. Do you have questions about boarding? Contact us, your Spring Hill, TN animal clinic!
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5 Key Reasons To Board Your Dog

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