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Tips For Grooming A Longhaired Cat

February 1, 2023

Have you recently adopted a fluffy cat? Kitties are always cute, but longhaired cats are especially adorable. Your furry little diva will need some help with all that fur, however. A local Spring Hill, TN vet offers some information on grooming a longhaired cat in this article. 

Time It Right

Don’t try to brush your kitty when she’s feeling frisky or playful. That’s a good way to get scratched! Wait until your furry pal is feeling sleepy and hopefully, a bit cuddly. If Fluffy is a lapcat, wait until she’s settled in with you. 

Be Gentle

Cats have quite delicate skin. You could actually cause Fluffy’s skin to tear if you were to pull too hard on a knot or tangle. Plus, pulling too hard is also a good way to get scratched. Be gentle! Start by gently petting your feline pal, then incorporate the brush.

Start Young

Fluffy’s beauty sessions will be much easier if you teach her from the start that they are just a normal part of being a cat. If your furball is a kitten still, then you definitely have the upper paw!

Don’t Overbathe

Kitties don’t usually need baths, though some people choose to bathe their cats. If you do bathe Fluffy, only use lukewarm water and a shampoo made specifically for cats. Take care to rinse all the suds out. Otherwise, they may cause irritation. Plus, your fuzzy friend may ingest those dried suds when she grooms herself.

Make It Fun

You want your feline friend to realize she’s being pampered, not punished, when you groom her. Incorporate lots of treats and compliments. Treats, praise, attention, and catnip can all sweeten the deal and get Fluffy’s motor going.

Trim As Needed

Longhaired cats sometimes get dirt or fecal matter stuck in their fur, particularly around their bottoms. If this forms a clump, you may need to cut it out. It may also help to trim the fur around Fluffy’s bottom. Use round-end scissors, and be very careful not to cut your furry buddy.

Use The Right Tools

It’s also important to use the right gear. You may need a detangling mat for your furball, as well as a regular brush. Ask your vet for more specific advice. 

Is your feline buddy due for an exam? We can help! Call us, your local Spring Hill, TN pet clinic, today! 

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