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4 Key Ferret Care Tips

April 1, 2023

Tomorrow is World Ferret Day! Ferrets are quite fun little pets. However, they’re quite different from dogs, cats, and, well, pretty much all our other animal companions. A Lexington, KY vet discusses caring for these adorable bundles of mischief below. 

Feed Them Properly 

Ferrets have a few special needs in this area. For one thing, they are carnivores, and must eat diets that reflect that. They also have a tendency to get fixated on one type of food. This sounds cute, but it’s actually dangerous, as it can become a huge problem if you’re ever unable to find your tiny friend’s favorite. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Train Them

Ferrets are very playful, and they have a natural tendency to nip at their siblings. This is one playful habit that doesn’t translate well to humans: while ferrets’ fur protects them from most bites, our skin is no match for those sharp little teeth. Teach your tiny buddy not to bite! You can also teach your ferret some simple commands, such as coming when called. (Litterbox training is also optional, but can make things much easier for you.) 

Offer Suitable Housing

Although your ferret will need several hours of free time in a safe, ferret-proofed area, he will spend a lot of time in his cage. You’ll need to provide a safe, comfy habitat. For bedding, you can use shredded paper or a high-quality hay. You can also add things like soft blankets. Don’t include anything that your playful little pet could possibly choke on or get entangled in. 

Keep in mind that ferrets get hot or cold easily. Provide hides, hammocks, tents, and warm blankets in winter. In summer, you’ll likely need to offer your little buddy extra water. If it’s really hot out, you can freeze small bottles of water and put that in their cage. Your ferret may also appreciate a shallow ‘pool’ to splash and play in. 

Entertain Them!

These curious and inquisitive furballs need lots of toys and things to explore. Bored ferrets can quickly become distressed and unhappy! Tunnels and mazes are very popular with these guys. You can also offer things like small balls, and certain cat or dog toys. Just stick with things you’re sure are safe. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Do you have questions about ferret care? Contact us, your Lexington, KY pet hospital, anytime!

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