June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! There’s really no bad time to adopt a kitty, or to give a homeless shelter pet a happily-ever-after. That said, if you are considering bringing a new feline buddy into your home, this may be the perfect time. A Spring Hill, TN vet goes over some of the reasons why below.

Take Your Pick

One great thing about going to a shelter is the fact that you can choose Fluffy from a lineup of adorable furry faces. Whether you want a playful kitten, a cuddly adult cat, or a sleepy senior, you’ll find a furball that suits your needs.

Meet N’ Greets

Choosing the right pet isn’t just about falling for a cute furball. It’s important to meet your feline friend and see if you connect with her. Shelters give you a chance to introduce yourself and get an idea of what Fluffy’s personality may be. Don’t overlook the shy, timid cats, though. Being in a shelter can be pretty scary for kitties! It’s also a beautiful thing to see shelter pets grow and thrive with good care.


Adopting a shelter cat is also pretty easy on the wallet. You may find that Fluffy has already been fixed, or that the procedure is included in her adoption fees. It also wouldn’t be surprising to find many shelters having specials or discounts for Adopt A Cat Month, though of course this isn’t guaranteed.

Help Other Pets

When you take Fluffy home on that Gotcha Day, you’re definitely changing her life. You’re also helping other kitties! For one thing, there will now be another vacancy, which opens up the chance for another cute cat to get adopted. Plus, the money you spend on adoption fees will help the shelter provide for their other furry wards.

Purrs And Pounces

Last but certainly not least, the best reason to adopt Fluffy from a shelter is Fluffy herself. Kitties are really wonderful pets. They also tend to be very loving and affectionate towards those who have helped them. You may find that your heart just melts the first time your furry buddy hops into your lap and looks up at you with that charming kitty look of adoration.

Please contact us for all of Fluffy’s veterinary care needs. As your Spring Hill, TN animal clinic, we’re here to help!