Are you kitten me? July 10th is National Kitten Day! We think baby cats are among the cutest animals on the planet, and should be celebrated every day. However, this is a perfect time to pay little Fluffy some extra attention. While kittens are born all year long, there’s usually an influx in spring and summer. Lots of tiny furballs are going to their forever homes this month! Here, a Spring Hill, TN vet offers some advice on kitten parenting below.

0-8 Weeks

Little Fluffy should still be with her mama at this stage, even if you’ve already picked her out of a litter. If she was orphaned or abandoned, she’ll need round-the-clock care and may need to be in a foster home. Your tiny furball’s caretakers should have started socializing her and scheduled her initial vaccines. Basic litterbox training should also be happening. While you’re waiting for your feline pal to get big enough to come home, you can prepare your house by doing careful pet proofing and getting supplies. If you have other pets, make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations as well. Ask your vet for specific tips.

8-12 Weeks

It’s time for little Fluffy to come home! Socialization is absolutely crucial at this age. Cats that weren’t socialized as kittens often grow up to be wary, untrusting, or even aggressive. Take a lot of time to play with your furry friend, and let her snooze on your lap or in your arms. This will help her feel loved and safe, which is crucial for bonding purposes. You’ll want to introduce your little buddy to other household pets. It’s also time to start teaching your tiny furball the rules of your household, such as staying off counters and tables. Your feline friend will also need to meet her new vet soon!

12 weeks

By now, your adorable pet will be ready for their next round of vaccinations. It’s also time to get spay/neuter surgery scheduled. Little Fluffy will still be learning a lot about the world. Keep up with playing, cuddles, and training. Talking to her will also go a long way here. The more you interact with your feline buddy and make her feel loved, the more interactive and loving she’ll become!

Please contact us, your Spring Hill, TN pet hospital, for your kitten’s care needs. We’re here to help!