One service we are proud to offer here at Animal Care Center Of Carters Creek is laser therapy. Laser therapy is a wonderful treatment option, one that can be used to both safely and effectively treat a wide range of issues in our furry patients. Read on as a Spring Hill, TN veterinarian goes over some basic facts on the treatment.


The word ‘Laser’ is actually an acronym for Light Amplification Of Stimulated Emission Of Radiation. Laser units produce light beams in three forms: monochromatic (single wavelength), coherent (electromagnetic radiation), and collimated, which emits photons in a single beam of light. The latter two can be focused on very specific areas: hence the term laser focus. There are actually four classes of lasers. The weakest, Class 1 lasers, are the kind you see in barcode scanners. Class 4, the strongest, can be used to make incisions. Class 3 is the kind most often used in therapy.

How It Works

The light used in laser therapy penetrates deep within the cells, triggering a series of chemical reactions in the body. This is known as photobiostimulation. The light stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers. Laser therapy also improves circulation, which in turn reduces inflammation and increases healing time. The benefits tend to be cumulative, with continued improvement after each session.


One of the great things about laser therapy is the fact that it is so versatile. It can help reduce inflammation and speed healing after surgery or injuries. It’s often used to treat bone/joint issues, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. It’s wonderful seeing a still-old dog becoming more mobile and playful again! Laser therapy can also be used to treat muscle atrophy, skin problems, nerve issues, tendon and ligament problems, and neurological issues, to name a few.


Laser therapy has some distinct benefits that make it particularly appealing and effective for working with pets. Fido and Fluffy won’t need to be shaved, nor will they require anesthesia. There’s also no recovery time needed: a nap and a special treat should pretty much do it. The treatments are painless, and are usually pretty quick: the average appointment takes less than 20 minutes in most cases. Best of all? There are no known side effects. If you think your furry friend may benefit from a laser treatment, contact us to learn more about the process.

Do you want to learn more about laser therapy? Contact us, your local Spring Hill, TN pet hospital, today!