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Experience Extraordinary Pet Day Boarding at Animal Care Center of Carters Creek. Personalized care, socializing, and peace of mind for your cherished pets.

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Pet Day Boarding in Columbia & Spring Hill, TN

Unmatched Pet Day Boarding

Welcome to the Animal Care Center of Carters Creek, a paradise for pet owners looking for the best Pet Day Boarding in Columbia, TN. We understand the special link you have with your pets because we are pet lovers ourselves. That is why we are committed to providing above-and-beyond Pet Day Boarding, ensuring your pet receives the care, comfort, and love they deserve while you are gone.

Our Boarding Facility Accommodates Pets of All Sizes

Our spacious and well-equipped boarding facility ensures that pets of all sizes have a comfortable and pleasurable stay. Your pet will discover a safe and inviting atmosphere that feels exactly like home.

A woman and a girl happily holding a dog

Benefits of Pet Day Boarding

When you use our Pet Day Boarding service, your pet will benefit from a variety of services that cater to their physical and emotional well-being:

Individual Housing: Each pet has their own comfy area, which provides security and solitude.

Temperature-Controlled Environment: Our climate-controlled facility ensures that your pet is comfortable no matter what the weather is like.

Daily Exercise: Regular exercise and fun keep your pet active and happy during their stay.

Safe and Sanitary cages: Your pet’s health and cleanliness are our top priority, and our cages are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Access to Fresh Water: Hydration is critical, and your pet will have access to fresh, clean water throughout the day.

Clean Bedding: Soft and clean bedding ensures that your pet has a restful night’s sleep.

Distinct Cat/Dog sections: Our distinct sections for cats and dogs cater to their particular requirements and preferences.

Specialized Care: Whether your pet requires medicine or particular attention, our trained staff is available to provide tailored care.

Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Traveling can be difficult, especially when your beloved pet is left behind. With our Pet Day Boarding services, you can relax knowing that your pet is in the care of a pleasant face they already know. Our compassionate Veterinary team will treat your pet like family, providing them with the love and care they require until you return.